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Brian Hutchinson

In the past 10 years I've performed in the following bands: Saving Watson,  Whisperwall, Maxwell James and Hymn River Suite. The common thread shared throughout each of these bands is guitar solos and pop vocal sensibilities. That common thread of great sounding guitars and catchy vocals inspired me to strike out on my own and create this brand new project as a solo musician.
   I picked up the guitar in the 4th grade and aside from a 6 month stint as a slide trombone player in the 5th grade band at West Elementary School, I have remained dedicated to that endeavor.
It wasn't long after I picked up the Beatles 1 album some time in my early teens, that I realized there is a secret sauce that was present in all of my favorite songs and I wanted to create that flavor for myself. The three ingredients needed to create that mix is: Guitars Solos. Harmonized Vocals. Rock Rhythm Grooves.
  My journey as a musician has brought me to this point. I finally feel that I am ready to share my flavor of Power Pop & Rock sauce with everyone. 
I hope you enjoy the unique recipes I have created for your ears to consume.

B Hutch Music

Dear Brian,